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GameXplain is a YouTube channel that focuses around Nintendo video games, typically analyzing trailers, showing gameplay and holding discussion videos.

There currently are three hosts of the channel, the most active being Andre Segers who works on and stars in a majority of their videos. The channel is also hosted by Ryan Green and Derrick Bitner.

Whilst GameXplain has been uploading videos to YouTube for five years, they have had a website ( prior and have been making videos since 2003.

Regular SegmentsEdit

The channel currently has many different segments, some on the YouTube channel and some exclusive to their website.


Whenever a new trailer for a video game comes out, GameXplain posts an Analysis Video detailing all the little hints and clues that could allude to bigger things. For example, in a Mario Kart 8 analysis they discovered numerous new track names on a sign before Nintendo officially announced the tracks. They usually only analyze Nintendo games.


Andre, Ryan and Derrick often post discussion videos where they get together and discuss a particular topic. These topics usually include speclation on their part and wishes they would like to see in upcoming games.

Cool BitsEdit

GameXplain point out little things in games that they find really cool. These videos usually are very small, lasting only around three minutes.

Other SegmentsEdit

GameXplain also has one-off videos that usually include showing off a certain thing in a game, such as all the boss battles in a game. They also review different games and upload guides of different games.